Villa 1880 - Staff


One of the delights of staying in a private villa is impeccable service perfectly balanced with respect for privacy. Villa 1880’s gracious staff are on hand when needed while keeping discreetly behind the scenes when not; the extent of their presence is entirely up to the guest. Professionally trained, smartly uniformed and full of smiles, each team member aims to please with warm Balinese hospitality. Many have been at the villa from the beginning.

Villa manager

Highly experienced both in Bali and abroad, Villa 1880’s manager is responsible for the overall running of the villa. He oversees and coordinates staff and property, and assists guests throughout their stay.


Our butlers are on hand to attend to every guest’s need, serving meals and beverages throughout the day, in shifts from 7am until 11pm.


Our housekeeper discreetly looks after daily tidying and cleaning.

Garden and pool

The gardener maintains the swimming pool and garden.


Guests are kept safe and secure by the villa’s security team operating in shifts from 3pm until 7am.

Villa 1880 - The staff
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